My first Day

How did others go on their first day of prac?  Rebecca blogged stating how nervous she was the night before, I know I certainly was.  I did however enjoy day 1.

oy day 1.  My prac teacher shared many great ict resources and really embraces an interactive ict environment for the students.  One  prep student demonstrated to me how to use a bee bot.  My mind is now racing on ideas for making resources.  The daily teaching is delivered using an IWB and children use both pc and iPads in the classroom.

Fingers crossed all goes well for day two in delivering a maths and HPE lesson using ICT.

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Digital citizenship

Brigidsweeney discusses digital citizenship on her blog with reference to Ribble, M. (2013). and the need to teach children to be responsible citizens in using digital technologies.

New South Wales Department Education and Communities website raising good digital citizens  provides an A-Z guide on keeping children safe. “When something that appears online makes a child feel uncomfortable, they need to know how to deal with it.  According to ACMA chairman Chris Chapman, we need to be more proactive in protecting ourselves online.”

Additionally Tyahnie makes a valuable point on how we as educators use social media networks and how images we upload will be reflected upon if accessed by our students or others.  This is worthwhile reflecting upon as we ask ourselves how do we wish to be portrayed by others within a professional context.

Supporting children to become responsible Digital citizens when using ICT’s is critical for ensuring they remain respecful to themselves and to others.

New South Wales. Department Education and Communities: Raising good digital citizens. Retrieved September, 2013 from


Ribble, N. (2013). Digital citizenship using technology appropriately. Retrieved from

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Ipad apps to enhance children’s learning

The iPads for Learning Trial reinforces that quality of teaching, combined with purposeful and effective use of ICT contributes to improved learning.

Ipads for learning trial 2011 provides a list of reasons to support the use of ipads in classrooms, not only to support children’s learning but also for increasing connections for children linking home and school communities.  Furthermore it is a combination of the pedagogical practices being implemented along with the computer device used to achieve these successful outcomes.

Ipad apps to enhance children’s learning in maths apps

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how to use ipads in the classrooms

Since commencing EDC3100 I am continuously searching for ways to integrate ICT’s into my 3-4 year olds classroom.  This week we explored shadows using digital imagery and an overhead projector, it was so cool.  

We have recently introduced an ipad and i am learning together with the children.  Play school Play time has recently been recommended by a work colleague an I am looking forward to sharing this with the children.

However I have found this terrific blog Mrs Davison’s kindergarten.  this will certainly keep me busy working my way through learning more about how to use ipads in the classrooms.  There are some wonderfully fun ideas.

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In exploring the smart notebook 11 I have accidentally discovered how to add widgets to my blog.  I have wanted to add what i was calling ‘links’ for blogs I follow but had not as yet done so.  In the beginning I was impressed by child’s teaching journey and found this blog to be well organised with the layout and the design.  My next step will be to learn more about the design aspects.

Furthermore this new found widgets links will definitely save time when viewing the blogs I follow 🙂

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Alphabet picture sorting

During my prac placement for EDC3100 I will be working with children in the foundation year.  The school in which I will be attending uses smart boards.  I have downloaded smart notebook 11 and I will continue to have a play to learn all about the great features and how we can use this tool for teaching and learning.

I look forward to reading more about the feature smart exchange.

smart exchange symbol

This is a feature icon where Teachers can access resources shared by others.

I found this one titled Alphabet picture sorting.

alphabet picture sorting

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Shireen Chang provided an interesting read on her post in regards to the lingo used in cyberspace.  I really enjoyed reading this post as when visiting the site I followed the links to resources & lesson plans.  Furthermore after reading Shireen Chang’s post I did revisit The Australian government ACMA cybersmart and completed module 1 The connected World.  This was very informative.  In particularly it provided opportunity from seeing how social networks are being used from a 14 year old perspective.

connected resources 1 connected resources 2

It was interesting to watch these videos regarding what 5-7 yer old children are saying and how they access internet sites.  As is mentioned in module 1 the World Wide Web is not going to go away so as Educators it is our best interest to remain current with what children are accessing and to teach safe practices.

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