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 “When I grow up… I am going to be a teacher”.  This was my ambition from the day I commenced school. 

 Now as a mature aged person I am an experienced educator working with children from 0-5 years of age.   I consider myself to be a passionate person and enjoy seeing children engaged in stimulating play and learning experiences.

 The recent  introduction of the National Early Years Learning Framework has been a very exciting time of change.  It was the new requirement of having a 4 year trained kindergarten teacher to be working with our children the year before commencing their formal schooling which motivated me to apply to do my Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) with USQ.  I am now completing my 3rd year and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I am looking forward to the challenge of completing EDC3100 ICT & Pedagogy.


4 Responses to All About me

  1. Hi Deberah, your name is familiar so I am guessing we have floated around the same subjects at some stage although I can not place which one…possibly during ESL forums?? Will you be continuing to work in Kindergarten or prefer to move to Primary aged children?

    • robdeb1966 says:

      Hi Sonia, interesting question and I guess this will be one that may change down the track however at this stage I would like to continue as a kindergarten teacher. What about yourself Sonia where do you see yourself going once you complete your degree? I just completed ESL and I am sure we did exchange text talk at some stage.

      • That would be it then. 🙂
        I will go into school. I was offered work out at Roma with C&K where my partner works due to the staff shortages with the initiative to have Kindergartens on or close to school grounds so children are prepared for Prep. If I spoke with you last term that was where I was heading but something happened in Townsville and it all occurred in a short time period. When I think about doing a traineeship in Townsville, I am passionate and feels right so schools it is. I cant move back to our property in NT as my son needs the internet. The problem with remote schools is that I will probably keep studying with schools from P-10 and multi-leveled.

  2. Kim MacKay says:

    Hi Deb
    Your Blog is looking great. It must feel great to be towards the end of your learning journey for teaching, though our learning never stops. ICT is one of those journeys that will be always be growing and we will be always learning. Good luck.

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