Digital citizenship

Brigidsweeney discusses digital citizenship on her blog with reference to Ribble, M. (2013). and the need to teach children to be responsible citizens in using digital technologies.

New South Wales Department Education and Communities website raising good digital citizens  provides an A-Z guide on keeping children safe. “When something that appears online makes a child feel uncomfortable, they need to know how to deal with it.  According to ACMA chairman Chris Chapman, we need to be more proactive in protecting ourselves online.”

Additionally Tyahnie makes a valuable point on how we as educators use social media networks and how images we upload will be reflected upon if accessed by our students or others.  This is worthwhile reflecting upon as we ask ourselves how do we wish to be portrayed by others within a professional context.

Supporting children to become responsible Digital citizens when using ICT’s is critical for ensuring they remain respecful to themselves and to others.

New South Wales. Department Education and Communities: Raising good digital citizens. Retrieved September, 2013 from


Ribble, N. (2013). Digital citizenship using technology appropriately. Retrieved from

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