Integrating technology into our class room

As a pre-service teacher I find myself continuously learning from experts and learning from others.  The following links are an example of this:

Technology integration: What experts say Mary Beth Hertz states if we take the time to let our students explore tools with guided practice, we can ensure that your classroom will move toward true integration.”

What’s the Difference Between “Using Technology” and “Technology Integration”?

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Creating our digital classroom environment,building real life connections for our students is a great starting point towards using ICT to enhance students learning.  As technologies continue to change at a rapid pace as educators we have a responsibility to remain current continue to grow our Technological Pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) and in just a few weeks we will have the opportunity to put our knowledge into practice.

integrating technologies

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    The comparisons were an interesting emphasis on the way in which ICTs are used. Thanks Debbie

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