Engaging Children in using ICT

Since enrolling in EC3100 I find myself implementing a wider range of learning opportunities for children to engage in ICT’s.  I recently collected a variety of old mobile phones and I must say it was very amusing observing children and how they interacted with these.  As in previous years a child would have simply held the phone up to their ear and commenced in role playing a conversation on the telephone, however I observed this child simply looking at the phone, then the child started pushing the buttons, I was able to capture this on camera which was lucky as when reflecting back on the photos it occurred to me the child may have simply been using the phone to text.

On another occasion it left me questioning who is teaching who.  I had recorded some video footage of camels in their natural environment using an ipad.  I passed this around the class for the children to watch.  One student amused me as when I went to see if the footage had finished each time I looked it was still playing and he responded no miss.  Later in the day while using a lap top the child confidently started to control the mouse.  Upon having conversations with the parent I did discover this was a regular family activity using technology in the home.

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2 Responses to Engaging Children in using ICT

  1. Hi Debbie,
    I love this. The frequency in which this happens in my early childhood context is increasing with the integration of ICT. I admire the way very young children have no preconceptions or fear of ICT. Ipad swiping is second nature like learning how to crawl, walk and talk. Exciting times for
    pre educators in the teaching and learning of young children.

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