Commencing week 4

Working my way through study desk this week  I was totally amazed by the stickman and where this lead to, how terrific.  I really enjoyed this activity.  Continuing on my way to this weeks question “How will you measure your success of ICT integration into your teaching”.  I believe if I deliver quality practices integrating ICT this will be demonstrated through the class communications, firstly what are the students saying?; how are they engaging in the learning experiences; how are the learning outcomes being achieved; what new learning is being discovered and how can teaching and learning be extended.

Recently I was asked to fill a different role at work just for one day.  My teaching task at hand was to give a learning experience to kindy children introducing Australia’s Indigenous cultures I commenced by discussing the Aboriginal flag, the colours, the meaning of the red black and yellow.  Following this the children viewed some Aboriginal art and listened to some oral storytelling.  A four year old participated in an independently chosen painting activity, when finished painting the child held up her picture displaying a yellow sun, a black person and red for the land.  I felt this demonstrated successful leaning.  ICT was incorporated through CD and digital photography, the child was very familiar with the digital camera and was proud to see her work represented using this technology.   I felt this experience did measure success.

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