Building my PLN

This week as I continue my ICT journey I have faced yet again many challenges and have also achieved some great successes.  I can now reflect back to my week 1 posts and say I have moved forward.  I can now link and have recently discovered how to redesign my blog’s image.  I do plan on working on this at a later date but I now know how and where to start towards upgrading my visual design, thanks to my PLN.

I have increased my Personal Learning Network and through this have developed a new appreciation for design using ICT.  I learnt the importance of insuring your information is secure.  As Teagan Childs shared on facebook how our information can be shared and used for the wrong reasons, additionally this post was added for people using blogger.  Funny enough as I shared with Teagan I thought the term blogger was someone who had a blog (lol).  Thanks to Karen Grace for assisting with the secure upgrade for people using wordpress, they may access plugins @ .

Now I am happy to begin working on my assignment to create my online artifact.

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