“Pedagogy for school or for life”

What a powerful reading on What is pedagogy, a link shared by David.  “Walk with them, work with them alongside them.”  I was so impressed with this reading as I felt I could relate to it in so many different ways.  It mentions the heart, head and hands in which I have previously attended training through the SEEDS program.  Furthermore mentions to John Dewey stating learning is ” a social process – ‘a process of living and not a preparation for future living’.  I could identify so much from this in relation to my working with children and using our curriculum, being the EYLF.  Additional it also relates to how we as teachers are able to incorporate the use of ICT into our teaching practices.  I see so many benefits with having a national curriculum and how we can share and access this information.  We ask what skill are necessary to be able to source and utilise this information?  The many benefits of being confident in learning and teaching ICT.  I hope many enjoy this reading as much as I have.

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