Valuing Professional development

Phelps & Graham’s article Teachers and ICT: Exploring a metacognitive approach to professional development highlights the importance of engaging children in using ICT in education stating this is critical if they are to compete successfully as global citizens.  What role does the teacher play in supporting and extending upon this learning?  Who is responsible for ensuring teachers remain current in their knowledge and use of ICT’s?   Tyahnie mentions in order to teach effectively as a teacher you must be confident in the delivery, how true this is.  I then ask myself how can I remain current in using ICT’s in order to support my students in becoming competent ICT users.  

In considering this article is dated 2004, I do wonder what changes have occurred in the last 8-9 years.  During my placement for EDC3100 I am trusting my mentor will be skilled in using, teaching and delivering insightful ICT lessons to students in which I will learn from in order to deliver effectively to students myself.

David has advised us on study desk we will be looking at good and not so good ICT applications next week, I look forward to this.

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