Diversity in teaching approaches

Sonia identifies the need to connect to contextual areas of teaching and interest when designing her mind map.  I have already redesigned my mind map a number of times.  I find I am recalling previous experiences reflecting on how I have integrated ICT into the learning environment and how I can promote and support children in becoming effective communicators using ICT to access information, investigate ideas and represent their thinking.  This is my current area of interest and familiarity using the EYLF in practice on a daily basis.

How do we approach this?  Do we consider a right and wrong way?  These are questions I have reflected upon for some time however just recently I purchased Programming and Planning 5th ED.  This resource has given me a new insight into what I previously considered to be right and wrong approaches for teaching children.   In particular page 234 “figure 8.1 some approaches to curriculum as continuums”.  I no longer see teaching approaches so much as being wrong nor right more so I see it as a diversity in approaches sitting somewhere between the scale based on our inherited values, beliefs and personal philosophies for working with children.

I make this connection in teaching approaches for using ICT in the classrooms, what would the scale/band look like?  Is there a need for continuous ongoing PD in using ICT to ensure we as teacher remain current or are teachers able to meet the Australian standards based on current performance and outcomes?

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