Week 2 Reflections

What a week this has been, another step forward in my journey of using ICT’s.  One of my accomplishments for the week was setting up my twitter account.  I was a little off guarded as I am still finding my way with using social media however I was impressed with adding Keith Urban to my twitter followers.  I did attempt to add fellow students from EDC3100, this was unsuccessful when trying to add by name, perhaps some may not have active twitter accounts but happy to say I am now a user of twitter.

Additionally I have discovered where to read my replied posts, yeah.  This may be basic but I am guessing for students who are just starting to spread their wings all accomplishments are notable ones.  Thanks to all assistance offered and especially to Tegs6, I will work on that one.

My big move forward this week was purchasing my new ipad.  I did try to link into the blackboard however was unsuccessful this time around.  I am hoping to achieve this by next week.

USQ study desk has provided yet again a deeper insight into how we can access information using technology.  There is so much in which I am working my way through however I am feeling a little better than the start of the week.

In reflecting on my week I can say I have made some progress and will continue to find my confidence in using ICT to support my teaching practices and delivery in assisting future students to engage in using ICT for learning.

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