Theories I’ve seen before

The Early Years Learning Framework is a framework in which I am familiar with.  As this is a relatively new National Framework I have spent the last 3 years working my way through this document attending available training and networking with other educators to share their perspectives on how to understand and how to implement the principles, practices and outcomes to achieve successful learning for children. 

This document is used on a daily basis when planning for children and therefore has now become familiar.  There are certain aspects which are utilized more than others however continual discussions with other educators provide opportunity to share and interpret different perspectives on how this framework can be delivered.

Using this framework has really assisted my way of teaching by having a guide to work from.  The continual reflections allows for different theories to be considered along with the opportunity to grow and learn alongside others including children, families and educators.

Participating in EDC3100 will assist me in my delivery to promote learning for children to use information and communication technologies to access information, investigate ideas and represent their thinking as outlined in Outcome 5: children are effective communicators.

During this course I am sure to investigate theories and other frameworks to assist with teaching ICT  to children.

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