Reflection no. 2

This week being week one has assisted with the setting up of my blog Additionally a Diigo account has been created bringing together access to my library, my network, my group and my community and further more a feedly account has been created.

Initially with the setting up of each account I thought wow, this appears to be easier than what I had expected. However after spending time trying to link and navigate from one social network site to the next I have developed a sense of feeling overwhelmed, and frustrated as I am simply not able to create, design or link how I would like to.

The USQ study desk is very user friendly with providing detailed links and instructions. Working through step by step along with practice will assist in developing the necessary skills to use when approaching new or foreign technologies.  As David Jones (USQ study desk) points out this is a normal response.  What and how will I develop strategies and skills to assist now and in the future?  How do we as teachers remain current, learn and develop the necessary skills, remain current and up to date in order to deliver meaningful lessons to our students?

I am yet to research some to of the mentioned frameworks as when searching for these I was hoping to book mark them so I could go and research them at a later date however this is where I fell short and was not able to successfully book mark or highlight.

Taking a positive approach by reflecting on what I have achieved rather than becoming frustrated is how I will look back at my week.  As by the end of the next coming weeks I am sure to develop many more ways of knowing and skills for using ICT’s in day to day practices and preparing for how I will plan and implement ICT’s into my student’s lessons. 

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