Reflection No 1. Commencing EDC 3100

8th July 2013

Setting up my tools, Diigo and a blog – this was successful due to the resource links made available.  The step by step guidelines assisted me with this process.

Personally when first reading on study desk I was required to set up accounts for Diigo, a blog using word press and a twitter account, all these requirements did seem a little foreign as I had absolutely no idea or neither had I heard of this languge before.  I simply thought one step at a time and see how we go.  And from there I did not leave the computer until I had managed to upload my about me link to the study desk.

My biggest challenge so far was to upload the link.  Where did I go wrong initially, I simply needed to read the steps clearly?  Once I re-read the how to, than I could tick this task as being completed. Furthermore the more I use this process the more familiar I will become.  I would also like to make improvements in the visual design, however this will come down the track I’m sure.  I will simply play around to see what is possible.

I particularly liked the tool belt theory statement we make the tools of the world available to all, and teach them to evaluate on their own retrieved July 2013 from

I feel I have already achieved new personal goals and will continue to remember not to hesitate due to fear of the unknown.  I will look forward to developing new knowledge in using ICT’s.

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One Response to Reflection No 1. Commencing EDC 3100

  1. tannielittle says:

    I find the same thing, I get quickly worked up when often I just need to take a deep breath and it is as simple as finding the steps and following them. Good luck!

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